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“You said you wanted to play?” he questions softly. His voice is hypnotic. “I said, unbutton your shorts.” She does as she’s told, shocked by her self-consciousness. “Now, take them off.” She shifts and wiggles out of her shorts. They drop to the floor. Her naked cheeks mash against the cold countertop. “No panties?” he questions. “Aren’t you naughty?” he teases, his voice almost tender. She blushes uncontrollably. “Now, take your shirt off. Do it slowly...


“I can’t tell you how many nights I ran here, the only purpose to see the light in your window.” Olive looks down at the basket of tea in her hand. The single, solitary thing between them. “You did that?” “I did, for weeks, until I realized what a creep I was being.” He shakes his head. “I don’t think it’s creepy,” she says, still holding the basket, looking into his earnest face. “No?” “I think it’s kind of sweet actually.” She turns her gaze back to the basket. 

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Meet the Author

Kitty Bardot writes romance and performs burlesque in the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River. Her days are filled with love and excitement that she channels into inspiration for her books. She welcomes you to join her on sensual journeys through her imagination.

She turns to see Henri two steps down wearing a decadent grin. “You sure you’re all right?” he asks, stopping and placing one hand against the wall. “I’m sure that I’m sure.” She smiles. Golden light from his bedroom spills onto the floor. His eyes shine with it. He hurries up the last two steps and wraps her in his arms. The thrill is instant. His touch is the only thing she knows. With his lips on hers she’s utterly lost. They sway together to the music of the rain and wind...


“Careful though. It consumes you.” Chris laughs and tosses the balls one at a time to Eli, who catches them easily without looking away from Chris. His smile, his laugh, his voice. Everything about him makes Eli feel like he’s floating. The energy Chris radiates is more intoxicating than any drug he’s ever done. “You consume me.” Chris’s eyes flash. Blush colors his cheeks. He lowers his lids and crawls toward Eli, then settles beside him...

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