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Purple Curtain

 ...inches from his face. “Should we get out of here?”

      “Maybe?” Eli’s cock quickens at the nearness of him.

      “Kiss me.” Chris’s soft lips are against his in an instant, plump and slick. He kisses hungrily, pulling Eli closer with his hands on his cheeks. He runs one hand over Eli’s chest, down to his cock, and it twitches under his sweats. Chris kneads Eli’s balls and squeezes his cock as he drinks his fill of kisses. Chris pulls away from Eli’s kiss, grins, and then stands with fluid grace to slip out of his shirt and pants. When he lowers himself to straddle Eli, Chris grinds with the beat, barely grazing Eli’s cock with his ass. Chris bites his bottom lip and moves lower, nestling Eli’s cock between his firm ass cheeks. Chris’s tiny boxer briefs barely contain his erection as it 

bounces with each thrust and roll of his hips. Eli aches against the pressure. Chris bends to kiss him, then sucks and nibbles at his lip as he continues to grind against Eli. Eli’s pulse rushes in his ears, and thrills run the length of his body. The ecstasy of Chris’s body against him is nearly overwhelming. Chris’s lips move to his neck, where he nips at his ears. He hovers over Eli’s chest for a moment before moving lower still, tugging at his sweats. Chris sighs with fluttering lashes before taking Eli’s cock in his mouth. First just the tip, then all that he can fit. He runs his mouth over the side of Eli’s shaft, maintaining eye contact the whole time, then flicks at the tip with his warm pink tongue. Eli lets his head fall back as Chris works his cock and balls. He laps at every inch of Eli with vigor, rolling his hips in time with his tongue and the music. The warm stage lights dancing off Chris’s bare shoulders and shining hair remind Eli that they’re completely exposed. The large room is empty, and though it’s late and cold outside, Olive or anyone with a key could walk in at any moment. The possibility of being caught thrills and excites him, more than he would’ve guessed. A beautiful man sucking his dick in the middle of a fully lit stage is something he never imagined.

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