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 She looks him directly in the eye. As slowly as she can, she raises the tank top over her head. She feels her face and ears turn crimson. The air-conditioned chill meets her freshly exposed skin. She shivers.

      “You’re awfully shy, considering…” Amanda opens her mouth to defend her reaction. Mike raises one finger. "I didn't tell you to talk.” Her pride urges her to talk all she wants. To bring all of the sass. To tell him what he can do with his game. But his steely gaze promises that it’ll be worth it. “Let me see you.” She spreads her arms wide and smiles. “All of you. Put your hands behind your back.” She crosses her arms behind her back. Her breasts jut out unnaturally. “I said, all of you.” His large, rough hands are warm on her knees as he spreads them as far as they’ll go.

She trembles at his touch. He steps back to admire her awkward pose. He weighs each breast in his hand, pinching one nipple, then the other. He twists it between his strong fingers until she squeals. “Shh,” he whispers, barely audible. Amanda’s body is on fire. The pain emanating from her nipple, still clenched in his fingers, is exquisite. His whispered command has every tiny hair on her body standing in response. She bites her lip and melts into the sensation. He lets go. She floats on a cloud of relief and agony. The pain is gone. And with it his touch. She pleads with her eyes, silent. Her skin screams for his attention. He takes her chin in one hand, turning her face toward his. She can feel her cheeks blazing. Never has she felt so real, so exposed. The edge of the counter cuts into her thighs. Her sex, swollen and wet, hovers over the formica. His gaze burns into hers while he’s still holding her chin. With his other hand he pets the soft fuzz between her legs, intentionally avoiding her sweet spots. When she thinks she can’t take it anymore, he allows one knuckle to brush her throbbing clit. Her body quakes with thunderous joy. Her eyes flutter; she sighs. He holds fast to her chin, taking his second hand away. Her bottom lip quivers. He slows it with his thumb. With their eyes connected, he’s in control. She’s lost all sense of self. “You’re a good girl,” he coos. She’s embarrassed and thrilled at the same time. “You have one rule.” He pauses, tweaks her nipple again. She winces. “When you’re naked, you’re mine. You do everything I say. You only speak when asked to, and you don’t hesitate. Your body is here for my pleasure. Do you understand?” She nods, unable to look away from the dazzling blue of his eyes. “Tell me you understand,” he demands. “I understand,” she squeaks from her dry throat. A satisfied smile touches his lips. “Good girl.” He lifts her off the counter and sets her on the floor. “Now, get dressed.” Amanda stands on shaking legs, pulling her shorts up. Mike busies himself with something at his desk.

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